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Assorted olives 3,6€
Anchovies 00 with orange and garlic vinaigrette 7,8,€
Smoked sardines with fresh tomato, mint, oil and Sesame seeds 9€


Tapa of the Month: Beef carpaccio with lime vinaigrette, La peral blue cheese, pecans and watercress. Accompanied by toasts. 12€ 

Tapa Barcino: Aubergine with chermoula, bulgur and quinoa, dry tomato and yogurt with tahini 10,5€

Stuffed Baked red peppers with goats’ cheese and rose jam 8,9€
Feta cheese cream with radish sprouts, pistachio hash, paprika, poppy seeds and mint 8,9€
Humus with black olives, pine nuts, parsley and arabic bread 8,5€
Acordeon patatoes with spicy and “all i oli” sauce 8,6€
Marinated mackerel with bulgur, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, almonds and fresh herbs 9,7€
Zaalouk: Baked tomatoes and aubergines with spices, black olives and egg 9€
Satay Chicken with peanuts sauce and mixed green salad 10,5€
Iberian loin of pork marinated with green mojo and confit piquillo peppers 12,5€
Cod carpaccio with purple onion, fresh tomato, capers, mujjol roe, radishes and parsley 12,8€
Calamari with curries, red cabbage, beet root, kimchy mayonnaise and black “all i oli” 13,9€


FRESCA: Asturian blue cheese, watercress, pear and pecan walnuts 11€
Rocket, chicken, dry toamto, cesar sauce and parmesan cheese 12€
Roast lamb, eggplant hummus, spinach, shallot, cherry tomato confit and tzatziki 12€
BRIE: Truffled brie cheese, iberian pork, fresh tomato and sweet almonds 11,5€
VERDE: Fresh spinach, goat’s cheese, mushrooms, cumin and garlic 11€
PIZZA: Cheese, Iberian pork, red pepper, onion, mushrooms and BBQ sauce 11€
MUMA: Iberian cured ham, tomato jam and curly cheese 12,5€
Cheese, baked aubergines and red pepper, mushrooms, tomato, tahina, oregano and sesame seeds 11€
Smoked salmon, feta’s cheese creem, capers, beet and dill 13€
Baked aubergines and red peppers, feta cheese, anchovies 00 and oregano 11,5€


Bread 2,5€
“Coca” bread with tomato, garlic, paprika de la Vera, oregano and olive oil 3,5€
Rustic bread with “alioli” sauce 3,3€
Syrian bread 2,5€


BURRATINA: Burrata cheese, iberian ham, arugula, basil, cherry tomato, radishes, homemade red pepper jam, fruit and white truffle oil 12€
Tomato, cucumber, green pepper, black olives, onions, mint, quinoa, bulgur wheat, feta cheese, oregano and Modena olive oil dress 12€
Buds, watercress, chicken, cherry tomato, croutons, parmesan cheese and Cesar sauce 11€
LA SALADA: Fresh tomato, codfish, onion, anchovies, capers, grapefruits and “manchego” cheese 12,5€


Catalan cured sausage from “el Bruc” 6,25€
Iberian cured sausage 7,5€
Catalan black sausage (bull negre) 6,25€
Iberian cured ham 11€
Iberian charcuterie selection platter 21,9€
Half Iberian charcuterie selection platter 14,9€


Manchego cured (raw sheep’s milk cheese) 7,5€
“Sobao” semi cured (raw goat’s milk cheese) 7,5€
Catalan Pyrenees (raw cow’s milk cheese) 8€
Smoked blue (pausteurized goat, sheep and cow’s milk cheese) 7,5€
“Mahón” semi cured (raw sheep-cow’s milk cheese) 7,5€
“Torta” from Extremadura (raw sheep-cow’s milk cheese) with jam and toasts 8,5€
Cheese selection platter 17,5€


Chocolate coulant with pistachios, rosemary oil caviar and maldon salt 6,9€
Lemon pie 6,9€


Gluten Eggs Fish Nuts Mustard Soya Peanuts Lactose Sesame Seeds Lupins Sulfur Dioxide and Sulfites

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Caña / Clara de San Miguel (0,33cl) 2,50€
Pinta de San Miguel (500cl) 5€
Artesanal de Catalana (IPA) 4,50€
Artesanal Negra Catalana 4,50€
Alhambra Reserva 1925 4
Tercio San Miguel 0’0 % alcohol 2,90€


Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero 2,50€
Ginger Beer 3€
Tónica Fever Tree 3€
Schweppes lemon 2,50€
Orange Schweppes 2,50€
Schweppes hibiscus 3,00€
Schweppes original touch of lime 3,00€
Schweppes ginger beer 3,00€
Schweppes ginger ale 3,00€
Lipton 2,50€


Natural lemonade 3,50€
Orange, Pomme, Ananas, Pêche, Tomate 2,60€
Water Font Vella 0,5 L 2,50€
San Pellegrino 0,5 L 3€


SANGRÍA de la Casa 5,90€ / 18€
VERMUT de la Casa (blanco / tinto) 3,9€
APEROL SPRITZ: Aperol, cava y soda 6,5€
CAMPARI SPRITZ: Campari, cava y soda 6,5€
SBAGLIATO: Campari, vermut, cava 6,5€


Café 1,50€
Café doble 2,50€
Café con leche 1,60€
Cortado 1,50€
Café americano 1,60€
Capuccino 2,60€
Carajillo 2,70€


Té verde Jazmin (Gunpower) 2,60€
Té rojo cuerpo del deseo (Puher) 2,60€
Té menta 2,60€
Té Negro Pakistaní (Ceylán) 2,60€
Té Roibos relax 2,60€
Té Frutos del Bosque 2,60€
Manzanilla 2,60€


BOMBAI SAPPHIRE con limón y lima 9
SEAGRAM´S con naranja y canela 10€
HENDRICK´S con pepino y lima 12€
GIN MARE con romero 12€
OPHIR con limón, cayena y cardamono 12€
TANQUERAY Nº 10 con manzana 12€
MARTIN MILLER´S con limón y nuez moscada 10€
L’ARBRE con menta fresca 9€
NORDES con arándanos 12€

* Todos llevan enebro y tónica Schweppes
* Con Fever Tree +1€



MOJITO: Rum, sugar, lemon, lime and mint 10 €
CAIPIRINHA: Cachaça 51, lemon, lime and sugar 10 €
CAIPIROSKA: Vodka Moskovskaya, lime and sugar 10 €
PIÑA COLADA: Rum Havana 7 – Bacardi, coconut shake and pineapple juice 10,50 €
NEGRONI: Campari, Gin and black vermouth 10 €
MARGARITA: Tequila José Cuervo Silver, triple sec, lemon and sugar 10 €
TOMMY MARGARITA: Mezcal Gusano Rojo, triple sec, lemon and agave syrup 10,50 €
BLOODY MARY: Vodka Moskovskaya, tomato juice, salt, lemon, pepper, Tabasco and perrins sauce 10 €
OLD FASHION: Bourbon Jim Beam, orange, bitters and sugar 10 €
MOSCOW MULE: Vodka Moskovskaya, ginger beer, lime and mint 10,50 €
EXPRESSO MARTINI: Vodka Moskovskaya, coffee liqueur and coffee 10 €


LA ALCOBA MEZCALERA: Mezcal Gusano Rojo, orange, lemon, Agabe syrup, Chilli and Cardamom 11,50 €
CRISTAL DE JADE: Mezcal Gusano Rojo, cava, lime, Agabe syrup, coriander and cucumber 11,50 €
LA POLACA DEL GÓTICO: Zubrowka vodka, tónica schweppes, natural grapefruit juice, campari and tonic schweppes 12€
EL TRAIDOR DEL CALL: Whiskey Talisker, red wine, coconut syrup, lemon and cinnamon juice 13 €
LA BOMBA DEL NERI: Tequila Herradura, Campari, Red Vermouth and coffee 12,50 €
LA LOCA DEL BARRIO: Rum Santa Teresa, Amaretto Disaronno liqueur, lemon and Ginger beer 13 €

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Cacique 5€
Havana3 5€
Havana7 6€
Santa Teresa 1796 12€

* Precio por copa
* Con refresco suplemento de 2,5€
* Chupitos a mitad de precio


Moskosvkaya 5€
Zubrówka 6€
Beluga 8€

* Precio por copa
* Con refresco suplemento de 2,5€
* Chupitos a mitad de precio


Torres nº 15 6€
Duque de Alba 7€

* Precio por copa
* Chupitos a mitad de precio


José Cuervo reposado 5€
José Cuervo blanco 5€
Herradura reposado 10€

* Precio por copa
* Chupitos a mitad de precio



Jameson 6€
Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 años 8€


Glenfiddich 12 años 9€
Talisker 10 años 11€


Jim Beam 6€
Wild Turkey 9€

* Precio por copa
* Con refresco suplemento de 2,5€
* Chupitos a mitad de precio


Gusano Rojo 6€

* Precio por copa
* Chupitos a mitad de precio


Baileys 4€
Campari 4€
Orujo de Hierbas 4€
Ratafía Russet 4€
Disaronno Originale 4€
Licor de Bellota 4€

* Precio por copa
* Chupitos a mitad de precio

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Glass price / Bottle price

D.O. Monsant. Bancal del Bosc 2017 Garnacha, Samsó y Syrah 4,1€ / 19,80€
D.O. Bierzo. Prada Roble 2017 5€/20,90€
D.O. Penedés. Can Morral del Molí El Quico 4,40€/ 19,80€

Bottle price

D.O. Calatayud. Atteca. 2015 Garnacha 24,20€
D.O. Bierzo. Prada selección 25,30€
D.O. Mas de Igneus. Organic wine 31,90€


Glass price / Bottle price

D.O. Rueda. Janine Vedel 2020 – Vino Ecológico Verdejo 3,90€ / 18,70€
D.O. Jumilla. Juan Gil 2017 Moscatel de grano menudo 3,90€ / 18,70€
D.O. Conca de Barberà. Batussa Blanc 2020 4,40€/19,80€

Bottle price

D.O. Terra Alta. Nuestra Señora Portal Blanc 2018, bodega Celler Piñol 20,90€
D.O. Rias Baixas. Bico Dan Ran Albariño 2020 19,80€


Glass price / Bottle price

D.O. Penedès. Aurora D’espiells 2019, bodega Juve & Camps 3,30€ / 18€

Bottle price

D.O. Ribera del Duero. Pagos d’Anguix 2020, bodega Juve & Camps 22€


Glass price / Bottle price

Parés Baltà. Brut. Agricultura ecológica Macabeo, Xarel·lo y Parellada 3,5€ / 19€


Bottle price

Tinc Set 2020, Perellada, Xarel·lo. Bodela La Salada, Avinyonet del Penedès 18€

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